Translation "Kad Poželiš"

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Translation "Kad Poželiš"

Post  Beata on 16/06/09, 10:18 am

Kad poželiš

Kad poželiš da se vratiš --- When you wish to come back,
ne nosi suze na put --- don't take tears on the road,
ni riječi od meda slađe --- nor words sweeter than me
uzalud, uzalud. --- in vain, in vain

Jer moja duša sad spava --- Because now my soul is sleeping
i zvijezde sestrice joj --- and the stars - its little sisters,
ne budi, pusti nek spava --- don't wake it up, let it sleep
ne budi je, uzalud. --- don't wake it up in vain

Kad poželiš da se vratiš--- When you wish to come back
u moje srce da svratiš--- to drop in at my heart
ne laži sebe i znaj --- don't lie to yourself and know
Davno, davno bješe kraj.--- it was over, long long time ago!

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Re: Translation "Kad Poželiš"

Post  Ms. Ebner on 21/06/09, 07:21 pm

beautiful, thank you!
Ms. Ebner

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