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OFICIAL about Regina

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Regina was formed in Sarajevo in 1990 when three friends - Aco, Bojan and Denis started their own band in a garage. Their first problem was finding a talented singer with a unique voice. After conducting a long search for a singer, Davor Ebner appeared, and the band was in the game. In that same year they published their debut album, which was called Regina. Songs from this first album were written and composed at the start of the 90's by songwriter and musician, Aleksandar Cabric, who was highly inspired by U2. Songs such as "Spavaj," "Ne pitaj me" and " Kao nekada ona" instantly became smash hits that are still very popular in the ex-Yugoslav republics.

After releasing their first album, Regina’s fans wanted the band to perform for them at large-sized concerts. In the beginning the concerts were held in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and soon after that they were all over Yugoslavia. Popularity was growing unexpectedly and the main reason was the new sound the band played accompanied by their great energy in their performances. Regina reached a high level of popularity among the rock segment, and in some cites there was a need for additional performances. When Regina was not performing, the band practiced for its live performances in a small garage near Marin-Dvora in Sarajevo.

In 1992. Regina released their second album titled "Ljubav nije za nas," which boosted the band into outstanding rock stardom in Yugoslavia. Months later, the civil war followed and the original band members split. Nevertheless, new members joined the band and so Regina continued performing from 1992 until 1999 with Aleksandar ‘Aco’ Covic as the band’s leader. During those years of hardship, Regina still managed to publish the albums: "Regina," " Oteto od zaborava," " Godine lete," " Ja nisam kao drugi," " Kad zatvorim oci" and "Devedesete." After 2000, Aco and Davor were working on their solo carriers, which were incomparable to their former success with Regina.
In 2006, the band’s original members reunited which then lead them to release the album "Sve mogu ja." Ever since the reunion, Regina received many awards from various ex-Yugoslav cities for their accomplishments in music. The band’s popularity and rock fans’ fondness of “Sve mogu ja” enabled Regina to perform at numerous concerts across the region.

When and How was Regina formed?

The band was formed in 1990 in Sarajevo, which was also the year of the band’s debut album. In the beginning Regina was without a good singer and so newspaper announcements were posted. Then auditions followed and they all failed; some “singers” even brought other singers’ recordings. One night, Davor Ebenr, singer of ‘Konvoj’, accidentally showed up and he was able to create a very positive impression upon the band members of Regina. He was not interested though in joining Regina and after three months of attempted persuasions, he was finally convinced to join the band and make Regina’s first music recordings.

First gigs?

After the release of Regina’s first album, the first concert quickly followed suit. In the beginning, the concerts took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina and soon after they spread to the rest of ex-Yugoslavia. Regina was able to create a large fan base from the very beginning, enabling Regina to hold multiple shows in certain cities. The slogan: “We are not Merlin, we are Regina,” was adequate for the band to get all the needed attention from the media.


The songs from the first album were written and composed towards the end of the 80’s by Aleksandar Covic, who claims to be greatly influenced by U2. The band improved the music composition of those songs in a small location in Marin-dvoru in Sarajevo, which was also used for their performance rehearsals.

Then & Now

The first album titled Regina was recorded in 1990 and it contained the songs “Spavaj,” “Ne pitaj me” and "Kao nekad ona." The following year, the band released its second album named "Ljubav nije za nas," which established fame for Regina in Yugoslavia. During the civil war, the band members split and between 1992 and 1999, Aleksandar Covic continued the band’s work with new members and remastered the album Regina. The following songs were added to the album: "Oteto od zaborava," "Godine lete," "Ja nisam kao drugi," "Kad zatvorim oči" and "Devedesete." After 2000, Aleksandar Covic continues his solo career as Aco Regina, while Davor Ebner continued performing with the band Gruntibugli, both leading small-time careers in comparison to what they achieved with Regina. In 2006, the band reunites and records its newest album “Sve mogu ja” which received awards from different ex-Yugoslav cities and allowed the band to resume touring.

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